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Babor is one of the most successful companies worldwide  in the sphere of professional beauty care. Babor carries out intensive research into a wide variety of natural active ingredients and develops active complexes unique to Babor in partnership with renowned institutes, including the Technical University of Aachen.
All Babor products are based on the latest advances in skin research. In keeping with Babor tradition, we use only pure, natural plant oils and extracts and active plant-derived substances, which as far as possible are naturally sourced. All our products have a skin-friendly PH in order to retain the skin's delicate natural balance. Having our own in-house product development and quality assurance units enables us to formulate highly effective products that are extremely well tolerate by the skin.


Swiss line, a revolutionary, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand with both a consumer and professional range, combines a proud heritage in the field of cellular therapy, a paramedical approach to beauty and a penchant for innovation.
Founded in 1989 in Zurich, Switzerland by Prince Michaël Massalsky, the company traces its heritage back to Switzerland’s Clinique Lemana, a pioneer in the field of cellular therapy. The original Swiss line products were developed in partnership with the clinic. The current products, manufactured with an updated cellular complex, stay true to their legacy.
Swiss line’s consumer and professional ranges have been formulated to effectively combat cellular aging. Incorporating the latest advances in bio-technology, ancient practices of botanical extraction, and medical grade ingredients, the paramedical products bridge the gap between medical and cosmetic skincare.
Developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest quality standards, the products contain the same concentration of ingredients used in the clinical tests, so when used according to the recommendations, customers can expect the same age-defying results.


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